There are certain woman who capture your attention and fascinate you. You may see her walking down the street or lock eyes with her from across a crowded room and immediately your need for her is palpable. She’s stunning with her abundant figure,bright smile and mischievous smirk making you sure that behind closed doors she's a provocative vixen.

Well I am that woman. Drawing you in with daring confidence and a mysterious intensity...

When the time finally comes for us to meet you'll discover how versatile and well rounded I am when I can easily slip into the role of the porn star with an insatiable sexual appetite,orally fixated and a true lover of Greek. So don't be mistaken in thinking submission is my only forte. I also have a hunger for high energy passionate encounters with an eagerness to take charge and blow your mind.

Pro Shoot Summer 2017 picture.jpeg

You may ask yourself what makes me unique...

Think of me as your modern-day flower child with an edge. Your urban gypsy.Your audacious muse. Unapologetic and authentic.A natural beauty who you will often find wearing minimal makeup with glowing bare skin and a telling smile.I'm not one to arrive in stilettos with a designer bag on my arm. I would much rather exude sexiness in my own way wearing lightly scented natural oils with my hair in it's sexy,free and natural state.


 I can go from witty and boisterous to shy and playful yet I'm generally somewhere right in between.All depends on what you bring out in me. I'm a firm believer that chemistry cannot be fabricated but that's the beauty of all this isn't it? The mystery and anticipation is what creates the allure and primitive abandon of two perfect strangers meeting...








     Payment accepted:Cash only


Body Type:Full figured/smaller bbw




 In-call location: Uptown

Favorite Gifts:Gift cards,tequila and jewelery