Below are some of the ladies who I offer Dou sessions with locally and also some delectable women whom I admire from afar...


Jolene (New Jersey/NYC)

After noticing her radiant smile the next thing you'll see will have your eyes bulging out of your head as soon as she walks past you. That would be her most considerable ASSet. Her decadently plump derriere is quite abundant compared to her slight stature and small waist.

Lena Duvall.jpg

Lena Duvall (New Orleans)



Lena's mesmerizing deep brown eyes, luscious lips, and striking cheekbones accentuate her youthful face. What’s more, her beauty transcends the physical realm. Her infectious optimism will surely liven up your spirit.


Allie (Chicago)

Allie loves to make true revel in experiences outside the norm. Fantasy, switch and role play! Dive in... and unearth all those hidden desires you've only ever dared to dream of!



Kurumi (Chicago)

She's a sexy mix of Japanese, Swedish and Russian. Her style is glamorous yet simple, and she has a love for incorporating pin-up styles while being modern and sophisticated.

sophia amelia.jpg

Sophia Amelia (Oakland CA)

Sophia is a sensual servant, completely devoted to showering you with love and affection. She creates a space for you to completely relax, letting all the stresses of your life melt away.With Sophia you are able to explore completely in the moment!


Andrea Carmichael (Columbus)

Let your hands dance about her sensual curves and delightfully soft honey-cocoa skin as you gaze into her bright, curious eyes…


Ava Liana (Los Angeles)

Ava is a youthful, delectable, luxurious ebony companion based in sunny Los Angeles, CA. She's a witty and bright companion who attracts attention everywhere she goes.


Eli Blaine (NYC)

Eli thrives in social settings especially sporting events and shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue. Aside from being a cosmopolitan lady, she enjoys reading a mystery novel in bed or Netflixing on a rainy afternoon. Seriously, when did Netflixing become an action verb?