Q-How can I see you?

A- Filling out my secure contact form is the best way. You can simply text or email me your verification info as well. Note:I'm rarely able to answer the phone so I suggest texting or leaving a voicemail if contacting by phone.


Q-I'm unsure what package is best for me. What is the difference between them?

A-For the "bliss" session you can expect a more sensual and flirtatious encounter. Basically, whatever a real girlfriend would be comfortable doing. The "lust" package is geared more towards your hardcore porn star fantasies including greek and toys. The "sacred submission" session would be best for you If your interested in using bdsm toys,gags,restraints,bondage,pain and in depth role plays involving a power exchange.


Q-When are you available?

A-I'm generally available everyday from approximately 9am-midnight. 24 hours notice is suggested although I will try and work with you with atleast 4 hours lead time for a same day. Thanks!


Q-Where are you located?

A-I primarily host in uptown in the City of Chicago. A 10/15min drive North of Downtown. Close to Lake shore and an el stop. I can host you in gold coast as well. Inquire for details.


Q-I would like to get you a gift! Where is your wishlist?

A-That's very thoughtful! A generous gentleman is a huge turn on for me.For anyone who would like to gift me with a token of appreciation or admiration can find my wishlist here and for cash tips I accept http://cash.me/gypsyofchicago as well as http://paypal.me/gypsyofchicago 

A southwest airline giftcard is the top item on my list at the moment. They are available in stores but also can be delivered electronically via my email gypsyofchicago@gmail.com HERE.

Some other things I enjoy are gift cards from Amazon, Sephora,Ulta,Best Buy,Whole foods,DICK's and Nordstrom. I also enjoy Tequila primarily Blanco/Patron or Don Julio. I also love flowers,candles and fresh fruits and cheeses.

Q-What are some of your interests when you’re not turning fantasies into reality?

Q-As you may have noticed I love salsa dancing and any kind of dancing really. I also love to exercise and do long distance cycling. I love traveling,dining,beaches and tropical weather in general. I also am passionate about languages. I speak English and Spanish and am also studying Italian currently and can’t wait to pick my next language to study!


Q-Do you tour?

A-No I don't. 


Q-Do you accept same day appointments?

A-I do my best to accommodate although 24 hours is appreciated. 


Q-Do you accept reviews?

A-Yes. Only on the review tab right here on my site.


Q-How large are your breasts and are they natural?

A- I wear a size 34 N and yes they are all natural. Note:A breast reduction will be taking place in late November for health reasons so If you would like to experience them for yourself I recommend taking advantage now ;)


Q-Can you visit me at my place?

A- I visit upscale hotels only. I do not visit private residences for safety reasons. Will consider visiting a private residence for established friends only.


Q-Do you use any drugs or alcohol?

A- I absolutely do not use hard drugs of any kind. If you show up using drugs,offer me drugs or are visibly inebriated I reserve the right to terminate our appointment. I do appreciate a good cocktail (Preferably tequila) wine or a nice craft beer. Feel free to bring a sealed unopened beverage to our date If you like.

If you are in recovery and are sober please let me know before hand so that I can make sure to not drink or offer.


Q-What are some of your likes and dislikes during a date?

A- I enjoy spending time with down to earth people who are open minded and let the date flow freely and naturally.


Q-Why do you request my personal information and how do I know you are legit?

A- Your information is requested for my own safety.I don't feel safe meeting with an anonymous person. I understand we all have lives that are important to us outside of this world but your hesitation to give me basic info about yourself will lead me to believe you may not have good intentions. All info is handled with discretion and not stored.Screening is a common practice and nearly all reputable providers will request some information.


Q-What can I expect on a date with you?

A-Every date is different and but I can assure you that you'll be greeted by the woman in the pictures. I will be fresh and dressed sexy for you. Expect me to be easy to get along with,engaging and ready for fun.


Q-Do you offer domination?

A-No I don't. I'm a submissive and I don't enjoy the dominant role and am not skilled in it,thereforeI don't feel it would be fair to offer that as a service. I do offer a "Sacred submission" session which you can checkout here.


Q-Do you do x,y,z activity/service?

A-If you're looking for something specific please read my packages pages. That should have all the info you need. If you're still unsure lets discuss further after screening.


Q-Do you see African American men?

A- Of course! I do not discriminate based on race,age (over 21),ability or body type.


Q-What is your "personal grooming" like?

A- Shaved bald


Q-Do you accept credit cards?

A-No I do not.


Q-Can you send me a selfie so I know your real?

A-No I cant. You can visit my twitter here where pics and videos are updated daily.